Thursday, August 11, 2011

2nd Day of Chemo

I decided to stay with Dakota today with David.  It's just too hard to go to work and not know what is going on.  We had a quick day at the hospital and only had to get a few shots in the port and have his needle taken out.  He finally gets to take a shower.  He hasn't been sick yet, they said that many times young people don't get sick like older people do.  He slept great and is doing a lot of that lately.  His appetite is good and eats everything in sight. His breakfast tasted weird this morning but that was because of the medicine that he was getting.  He said that his dinner tasted fine. 

We have seen a strange thing going on at the cancer center.  We have seen many men in there and every single one of them has a woman with them and it's generally their wives.  When we went to the chemo class it was all men and they all had women with them and the women had out notebooks taking notes.  The sad thing is we have seen many women in the cancer center and every single one of them are all alone.  What is up with that?  Makes me sad to see them there all alone.  I'm thinking the next time I hear of a woman that is going for chemo, I will ask her if she has someone to go with her and if not then I will offer to go. 

Getting ready to say good-bye to his fancy fanny pack...until next time. 

Dakota loves to give me this terrible grimace when I take his picture.  David and Dakota thought they would both give me the grimace. 

Leaving the hospital with my boy...I mean grown son.  Sorry, he will always be my little boy even if he is 20. 

Text today from our friend Jarrod:  Romans 8:37, "In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us."  Praying that no matter what you face today, you realize that HE has already conquered it for you!

Thank you Jarrod.  To all of our other encouragers, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  It is so overwhelming to see God's love shown through all of your emails, text, and phone calls.  What a blessing you have all been to us!

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